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REFERENCES: Eduardo Bonilla, Director Marketing, Central, Ecuador
REFERENCES: Emanuel Clonda , Founder & CEO, HIPPOS, Romania
REFERENCES: Marios Ioannou, General Manager, Gnomi, Cyprus
REFERENCES: Izabela Cieslak, Controller, McCann Worldgroup, Poland
REFERENCES: Jan Binar, CEO, McCann Erickson, Czech Republic
REFERENCES: Aleš Kohút, MD, Mayer/McCANN Erickson, Slovakia
REFERENCES: Peter Kontra, MD, Wiktor Leo Burnett, Slovakia
REFERENCES: Tomáš Vondráček, CEO, Grey Group, Czech Republic
REFERENCES: Robert Laciga, Financial Controller, Medica Healthworld, Czech Republic
REFERENCES: Martin Štěpánek, CEO, Publicis, Czech Republic
REFERENCES: Jan Dobiáš, Group Marketing Director, AAAAuto, Czech Republic
NEWS: 18.11.2009 Publicis and Saatchi, Czech Republic, People in Publicis and Saatchi Prague know how to increase agency efficiency.
NEWS: 2.1.2010 Medica Healthcare, Czech Republic, Medica Healthcare, part of WPP purchased AD-IN-ONE for all 4 companies
NEWS: 18.12.2009 , AD-IN-ONE is now available in 10 languages - English, Russian, Bulgarian, Romanian, Polish, Czech, Slovak, Chinese and other languages.
NEWS: 5.3.2010 Publicis / Knut, Slovakia, Publicis / Knut bet on AD-IN-ONE and boosts its efficiency
NEWS: 9.6.2010 Istropolitana Ogilvy, Slovakia, Istropolitana Ogilvy, part of WPP decided to implement AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 14.10.2010 Translation of an article published in Strategie Slovakia on February 2009, AD-IN-ONE is like “SAP” for advertising agency
NEWS: 15.2.2011 Leopard Production, Slovakia, Leopard Production implements AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 20.10.2010 , AD-IN-ONE spoke at this year Forum Media 2010 conference in Prague on October 25 2010.
NEWS: 27.10.2010 EDDA, Poland, EDDA decided to go with AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 15.1.2011 Digitask, Slovakia, Digitask Bratislava chose AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 28.2.2011 Dragon Rouge, Poland, Dragon Rouge deploys AD-IN-ONE in Poland
NEWS: 1.3.2011 Scenografie, Czech Republic, Scenografie Prague has chosen AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 23.3.2011 , AD-IN-ONE to be Gold Partner for Catch & Care national marketing conference
NEWS: 28.4.2011 , New version of Traffic module launched
NEWS: 2.6.2011 , No more mess in creative layouts and outputs
NEWS: 30.6.2011 , Improved customer service through online learning tool
NEWS: 5.8.2011 McCann, EMEA , AD-IN-ONE wins pitch for part of McCann Worldgroup’s EMEA business.
NEWS: 5.9.2011 VCCP, Czech Republic, VCCP Prague chose AD-IN-ONE as its management solution
NEWS: 20.10.2011 Brand Support, Poland, Brand Support has implemented AD-IN-ONE unique solution
NEWS: 21.12.2011 Kaspen Jung v.Matt, Czech Republic, Agency Kaspen Jung v. Matt has chosen AD-IN-ONE as its agency information system
NEWS: 25.1.2012 Chemistry, Ireland, AD-IN-ONE Are Pleased To Announce Our Newest Client In Ireland
NEWS: 24.2.2012 Brain Juice, Poland, Brain Juice Group decided for AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 24.3.2014 Latin America, AD-IN-ONE tangoes into Latin America
NEWS: 27.4.2012 McCann Erickson, Cyprus, McCann Erickson Cyprus has decided to opt for AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 18.9.2012 OS3, Poland, OS3 - Leading polish digital agency decided to go with ADINONE
NEWS: 28.2.2013 GMP, Romania, Leading Romanian independent agency GMP Group has chosen AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 1.5.2013 Central, Ecuador, Viva el Ecuador: AD-IN-ONE joins hands with dynamically growing agency Central, Ecuador
NEWS: 31.1.2014 It’s time to add the latest feather in our Latin American hat. , Strategia’s winning strategy: AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 23.4.2014 Ampro, Romania, Pros at work: AMPRO embraces AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 31.8.2013 Communication Unlimited, Poland, Communication Unlimited & AD-IN-ONE: Unlimited gains.
NEWS: 30.10.2013 CG AMK, Poland, CG AMK joins the AD-IN-ONE family.
NEWS: 1.4.2014 Connectmedica, Poland, Connectmedica connects with AD-IN-ONE.
NEWS: 1.7.2014 Pastel, Romania, Pastel adds a new shade with AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 15.7.2014 Geometry Global, Ecuador, AD-IN-ONE intersects Geometry at the right angle.
NEWS: 31.7.2014 , July in AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 31.8.2014 , August in AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 26.8.2014 , AD-IN-ONE entered IBM’s Global Solutions Directory
NEWS: 1.9.2014 Pulsar, United Arab Emirates, AD-IN-ONE right in the middle of Middle East
NEWS: 19.9.2014 AdPro Communications, Jordan, AdPro in the league of pros with AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 24.10.2014 LPT, Poland, LPT highlights our position in Poland
NEWS: 21.10.2014 ClickAd Interactive, Poland, We clicked with Clickad Interactive
NEWS: 6.12.2014 Nextep, Russia, Next stop - Nextep, Russia
NEWS: 7.1.2015 Endorfina, Poland, Quite an event - Endorfina in the house
NEWS: 27.3.2015 Plano Gestao, Brazil, AD-IN-ONE debuts in Brazil
NEWS: 22.5.2015 Balcony, United Arab Emirates, AD-IN-ONE enjoys a Balcony view of Dubai
NEWS: 10.7.2015 2res, Vietnam, AD-IN-ONE agency system travels to Ho Chi Minh
NEWS: 8.8.2015 Gnomi, Cyprus, It’s Cyprus, a second time.
NEWS: 29.8.2015 Marco, Czech Republic, Marco comes to AD-IN-ONE
NEWS: 8.10.2015 Delema McCann, Cyprus, AD-IN-ONE sails to Cyprus
NEWS: 25.11.2015 Ogilvy & Mather, Fusion Multimedia, Dominican Republic, Our presence in Latin America grows on steroids!!
NEWS: 9.12.2015 United, Romania, AD-IN-ONE unites with United
NEWS: 16.12.2015 McCann, Turkey, AD-IN-ONE receives the key to Turkey
NEWS: 19.12.2015 Labase, Mexico, AD-IN-ONE boosts Mexican base with Labase
NEWS: 15.1.2009 , 12 companies of Ogilvy Prague decided for AD-IN-ONE upgrade
NEWS: 17.5.2016 AMAP, Mexico, AD-IN-ONE and AMAP put Mexico on the map

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