“I know what’s happening in my agency.”
“With AD-IN-ONE, I can see all the necessary information for the reporting of five units like it’s the back of my hand.” BLANKA PROCHÁZKOVÁ | CHIEF FINANCIAL OFFICER | PUBLICIS PRAGUE
The Story

"We needed to consolidate the company’s processes in all five units of the agency. Thanks to AD-IN- ONE, we succeeded in establishing a unified management system for the entire agency. The system gives us an overview of all the jobs that are risky, as well as the things that we previously couldn’t see. I can focus more on development of the company than on the company's control."

"Previously, the information needed for reporting and financial controlling was searched for in different places. This system will enable us to have real-time data for all five units from any perspective we want – from the stand- point of billing, general expenses, timesheets and time, type of activity, etc. Managing the entire agency is now much easier.”

“As our Agency developed over time, we went through several internal systems. We had even been developing our own system for several years. Eventually, our own system became a heavy burden for us and we thus decided to buy a commercial system that was certified and ready-made. We chose AD-IN-ONE because we saw from the start that it was developed directly for ad agencies. AD-IN-ONE was the most comprehensive of available systems, had strong local support, and was integrable with our accounting software.”

“AD-IN-ONE helped us solve the problems with scope creep. The volume of work that could not be re-invoiced to a client used to comprise a substantial 30% of the work. We've found that, rather than obtaining new business, it is better to negotiate with the existing clients about the volumes they receive for free. In negotiations, it’s necessary to have accurate documentation and to specify exactly how much work may be done for free. For those difficult agreements with a client and their procurement, we need these documents, and AD-IN-ONE gives them to us 100%.”

About Publicis Prague

Publicis Prague is an advertising agency belonging to the communication group Publicis Group. Publicis Prague provides professional advertising services for a number of major local and international clients. Between an agency and a client, quality relationships are built over time. Publicis Prague, a member of the Association of Communication Agencies, was founded in March 1995 and has consistently been among the ten most successful agencies in the Czech Republic. It provides a complete advertising service to its clients.

Publicis Prague is part of Publicis Group, the largest European and the fourth-largest and most important agency network in the world. Publicis Group is the world's fastest growing advertising entity of its kind. With 170 branches in 102 countries worldwide, it employs more than 38,000 professionals of various fields.


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